ISSN 2420-9767

"Moamin" et "Ghatrif": prolégomènes à une nouvelle édition

Federico Guariglia


This contribution aims to present the preliminary studies for a new edition of the treatises on falconry and cinegetics commonly known as Moamin and Ghatrif. New material discoveries and theoretical acquisitions now make it necessary to critically update the edition. The contribution will focus in particular on the figure of the author of the two treatises, Daniel of Cremona (or Deloc) and on the philological relationship between the two manuscripts bearing the text. The collatio of variants allows us to verify the common descent of codices a and k and, at the same time, the differences that exclude one from being a copy of the other. The last section is devoted to the description of the language of the two witnesses, since the study of a is dated 1945 whilst that of k is practically absent.

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