ISSN 2420-9767

Le 'enfances' nei poemi franco-italiani: modalità di costruzione dell’eroe tra tradizione e innovazione

Andrea Ghidoni


The article examines narrative schemes, motifs, models and concepts of the young hero that pass from the French chansons de geste to the heroic texts in French-Italian. In these texts – here studied both in general and through focalized readings – a constant emphasis on the tribulations the hero must endure is an indispensable condition of heroic poiesis. In the Geste Francor, and in Rolandin in particular, a reworking of the heroic typologies also emerges through Roland’s original enfances.

KEYWORDS: - eroe - enfances - chanson de geste - Geste Francor - Rolandin
hero - enfances - chanson de geste - Geste Francor - Rolandin

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